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Italian pharmaceutical company

About us

Brixiapharma is an Italian pharmaceutical company that designs, produces and promotes Medical Devices and Cosmetics. It was founded with the mission of creating and producing innovative medical devices, effective and safe, made of plant based components, characterized by a very high safety level, which means without side effects and without countraindications of use in combination with other medical therapies. These devices and cosmetics are intended for patients with osteoarticular and muscular pain, chronic and acute.




What we do

Brixiapharma is able to manufacture and license third-party domestic and foreign companies, operating in the health sector, final products ready for the market and supported by scientific evidence. Brixiapharma exports its innovative products to several countries around the world, both directly and through agreements with local distribution companies.


Our Products

Brixiapharma products are intended for prescription, pharmacist or self-medication and contribute to improving the quality of life of patients.

Human Division

“DOLORBLOCK®️ Line” is an innovative Medical Device, Pain Killer, Anti-edema and Anti-inflammatory, made for topical therapy in patients with chronic and acute osteoarticular and muscular pain.

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Sport Division

“DOLORBLOCK® Line” to take care of our muscles and joints, always guaranteeing the best quality of life in safety, with the highest therapeutic efficacy and without side effects.

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Veterinary Division

DOLORBLOCK® Line” for loving our 4 legged friends, for taking care of their health and well-being, always guaranteeing their best quality of life in safety, with the highest therapeutic efficacy and without side effects.

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Quality and Safety

Quality and safety have always been two main characteristics of Brixiapharma products. Every product, from the first phases of design, must meet strict quality standards that include the best raw materials, laboratory analysis and controls on production processes, to ensure the complete safety of the components, of the interactions between those components and, consequently, of the final products.

Contact us

Our address

Via Privata del Gonfalone
20123 Milano (Italy)




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